what services do you provide?

We tailor our services as per specific project. Whether you require consultation and design services or complete fit - out or joinery, we are at your service and would love to work with you. We offer full turnkey service from design to handing over the space completed, however, it’s up to you which part of the project timeline you need our involvement.


how can i estimate my budget?

Leave that job to us! We are happy to provide a free quote for your project, fill in the contact form with your details and receive a customized quote within a week. In Pink Line, we work in two phases. design phases and the second is a fabrication. Design fee will be given after seeing how big space is and the time it will take to design. Fabrication will depend on the materials used in the project, as we try to work around the client’s realistic budget offering materials that will fit within the range.


what if i have constricted budget?

We believe in designing and executing projects as per the client budget. Therefore, no hidden charges and variations and we will provide the best service possible as per your requirement.

is your consultation free?

Yes, we don’t believe in charging for the first consultation. The first consultation fee is free of charge and both parties must feel comfortable. A meeting will be held either in our office or at the project site so that we can understand the scope and answer any questions you have in mind.

do you provide customized designs?

Yes, we believe each project is unique. We have three in house fabrication factories to deliver bespoke items as per your requirements.

what’s your working process?

  1. Set up an initial meeting and understand your requirement

  2. Concept creation and concept development

  3. Detail design and construction drawings

  4. Quotation and budgeting

  5. Procurement and construction

  6. Project Management