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Amra Ram Suthar, from Rajasthan and a member of the Suthar family, came to Dubai in the 1960s and eventually started a humble carpentry shop in 1973.

The Suthars were essentially carpenters, craftsmen, and architects, who were known for their intricate and detail oriented design and craftsmanship of temples, palaces, mosques, and buildings, mostly in the Region of Rajasthan. Originating from Pink City of India (Jaipur), he proudly named the firm inspired by his homeland and its historical craftsmanship, thus originated Pink Line Interiors Group. Bridging the gap between India and Dubai through sharing design knowledge.

Mr. Ram had the vision to establish a carpentry shop that can deliver what he knew best and what his family belongs to. His tradition dictated hand-made craftsmanship and merged that knowledge with modern woodworking technologies, which over the years developed into Pink Line’s Vision: To deliver innovative and quality interior spaces backed up with our ancestral knowledge of the woodworking craft.

Today his sons, have developed a successful business, along with other family members to run the companies with strength of more than 250 employees, everyone equally dedicated to serving the best in the MENA design industry.

Pink Line Interiors Group specializes in the field of Interior Design, providing design solutions from concept design to execution.